Feel Good Waxing Coaching

Make body waxing a feel-good experience for all involved. Get your guests coming back and referring their friends effortlessly - because you bring confidence and empathy to the table. Charge awesome prices that your clients are ready to pay, because YOU give them exactly what they want and need out of an efficient and empathetic service.

4 Week Online Program : $111 | 2 Hour in person coaching: $222


Vision & Clarity Coaching

Bring clarity to every aspect of your business - Know deep in your bones the value and beautiful experience you bring to the spa room and have that message radiate through your marketing, magnetizing your dream clientele. This four week course will give space for you to grow both professionally and personally, finishing with a beautiful vision of your future.

4 Week Online Program: $111


Social Media Up-Leveling

We will work together to build your brand presence on the most current and accessible platforms for advertising and visibility - bringing forth your authentic and radiant voice to attract your dream clients and partners. Your client base will "find joy in the follow" and your referrals will be organic, effortless and will be so delighted to seek you out for the experiences you offer

This package is suited well for those who have established businesses yet know they have so much more potential to unlock and market untapped - even with those with the least knowledge or desire to participate in social media will finish this service with a firm sense of their social media brand presence, knowledge of best-practices and a customized guide to their best tools for engagement.

8 Week Overhaul: $1200