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When something helps me rise to new heights- a quote, a song, a feeling, an opportunity - I feel called to share it.

Perhaps that is why I found myself as a educator and coach in my early 20s  - I feel a deep passion for sharing what has worked for me to help me live a life of love.

I am so very excited about all of my teammates who have come to me and seek me out for guidance and mentorship. It is truly an honor to take my journey and share the good and bad - what worked and what doesn’t - and pass on that wisdom to help others grow!

As an Independent LimeLife Beauty Guide with the Resilience Crew - we work on sharing our story, our favorite products and our lives authentically every day. We always share - not sell - what we love.

LimeLife by Alcone has allowed me to embrace my passions, my skills and artistry and empowered me to build a business that is growing beyond my wildest dreams.

But my favorite part has been (and I suspect always will be) the people I meet along the way. The stories I learn, the inspiration I garner from the fantastic and resilient individuals who I embrace - this fuels my fire and light beyond measure.

This is way more than just selling professional makeup.

It is being a part of a movement to put purpose over profits. For true empowerment on so many levels. To lead with light and be Brighter Together.