Social Media Strategy for Estheticians

I LOVE social media. I think it is so fun and a brilliant way to connect with new people. I also have a knack for finding clients through social media channels and really growing both my brick-and-mortar business as an esthetician as well as my online makeup and skin care business by using social media.

My main stomping grounds are Facebook and Instagram. I tried SnapChat for a while but I lost interest, but I bet that could work in your favor, too.

I figured that with so many people reaching out to me for coaching in their Esthetics businesses that I could highlight some of my favorite social media strategies - and I’m kicking it off with a 7 day Social Media Challenge!

If you find these useful, let me know!

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share your inspired future

Get ready to shift the energy of your social media toward high quality relationships, trust and client leads!

Our first challenge may be intimidating for you - but that is a GOOD THING - it means it will change you!

DAY 1 TASK: I want you to share your INSPIRED FUTURE with your network. ⭐

What is an "inspired" future, you ask? Your wildest dreams, the butterflies in your stomach, #liveyourbestlife future.

Did your stomach flip yet?

I know this feels vulnerable - joy often does. It is more brave to risk joy than to stay stuck and struggle. It is all hard work - choose your hard.

I know I would rather choose joy, and that is why I am here leading you guys. 🙌❤

Joy is magnetic. Big dreams are beautiful and inspiring. And guess what? When people Like, Know and Trust you, they want to cheer you on and help you get to your goals.

[ 📖 (Audio) Book recommendation: Why She Buys ]

Example Post:

"You guys, I'm kind of peeing my pants a little bit. I've been challenged to share my big inspired future for my esthetics business with my friends and family, so here goes!

One day I want to own a big resort day spa in Guatemala. I am so passionate about high quality spa services that transform the skin and soul. Have you been to Guatemala? There is something so beautiful and magical about that place. I'm called to be there and to bring such joy to everyone in that space.

I know that right now I'm still in esthetics school and I have 4 more months until I graduate, but it is never too early to dream big and share my joy for my future. I'm so thankful for all of my friends and family who have supported me this far, my heart is on fire for this new chapter and a chance for me to serve you all in such beautiful ways.


Make sure to:
⭐ Bring BIG EMOTIONS - talk about your family, why you love this work, your joy, healing, etc.
⭐ Post in the late afternoon or evening, Sunday nights are BIG for engagement and talking about goals as people get ready for the week
⭐ Interact with all the comments! Facebook algorithm loves comments.

Now start digging deep and compose your post! I wanted to share this earlier in the day so that you have time to think & create something meaningful to you.

ask “would you rather”

Our goal is to drum up some interest in our services and also learn more about our network's preferences!

Make a simple text post or add a simple photo (While the facebook poll feature is fun, we need comments to create conversations!) and ask your guests "Would you rather...?" Between TWO OR MORE BENEFITS that you offer.

Spoiler, they might say BOTH or ALL OF IT!

Example Post:
"Darlings, I'm doing some research.

Would you be more excited in a facial for
hot aromatic steam towels
a moisturizing hand and arm massage?"


"Hey friends!

I'm hoping to learn more about my network preferences- when it comes to lash services are you looking for longer, thicker or darker lashes?"

⭐ Remember, interact with every comment, ask questions to learn more like "Okay! Have you had a facial before?" Or "I love dark lashes too! Do you wear mascara every day?"

⭐ You'll be surprised to see who comments - people love to be helpful and share their opinion! At the same time they are learning more about you and developing trust with you as someone who can take care of their desires!

share a testimonial screen shot

This one MIGHT feel a little uncomfortable. Or a lot.

1. I need you to privately message someone to give you a testimonial of their experience with you AND if you can share it anonymously.
2. Screenshot it. (Listen, I know it may feel odd but this is so #empatheticbeauty right here - it is personal, relatable and authentic)
3. Use a photo editor to block out the name and photo and irrelevant parts of the conversation

Then write a quick blurb about how you are thankful for the review and ask a question like "Have you ever had such a great experience with your esthetician?"

Example Post:

[Screenshot] "I'm so glad I saw you for my brows - you listened to what I wanted and even filled them in with makeup - it was the first time I felt "on fleek" as the kids say!"

I'm so thank for my client feedback! Have you had a good experience with your brows lately?

⭐ You may want to ask more than one person for a review so you can pick from them or in case they take a while to reply (you can save another review post for later!)
⭐ You may not get a ton of comments on this post, but your network will SEE it and it will speak volumes toward building trust with future clientele


inspire your network!

This post is little different. It doesn't pertain directly to being an esthetician, but definitely has a lot to do with your business.

I don't know about you, but I feel incredibly fortunate to have a job that doesn't "feel like work." My cup is overflowing every day from my work as an esthetician. It brings me so much joy and inspiration.

Today's task has 2 parts:
1) Comment something joyful, uplifting or encouraging on 3 different posts or friends timelines - these are JOY DEPOSITS
2) Share an inspirational quote that SPEAKS TO YOU right now. You can make a caption like "These words speak to me at this season of my life. I wonder if they will light someone else up, too."

⭐ You want to be known as a source of joy and inspiration - joy is so magnetic! Leave joy sprinkled on others posts all over SM
⭐ People want services from those who love their jobs - if they know you are a happy person they subconsciously believe they will be happy leaving the spa with you too
⭐ Use a photo text app like "WordSwag" to superimpose the quote on your face - it makes for some fierce personal branding

Have fun with this!
I go to Pinterest for my quotes frequently when I need fresh words.

More stuff on personal branding tomorrow, but for now - comment when you've made 3 joy deposits and screen shot your own quote!

fine tune your personal brand

What is your ideal business vibe? Think about 2 years ahead from now. What do you want to be known for? What colors are your scheme?

How about starting that process today?!
It starts with awareness and an inventory of the "brand" you are putting off

💎 Task: ASK YOUR NETWORK "I'm curious and doing a little research, what comes to mind when you think of me?" --> this will be incredibly helpful feedback!

Also scroll through your timeline - memes and all - and ask yourself honestly - does it show who you want to be in your business?

That's not to say you can't "be yourself" on social media - but you have to ask yourself if being "your best self with a thriving business" is going to be WHO YOU ARE.

⭐ Low-vibe and negativity (complaining) often repels others from your page, your business, yourself
⭐ You can talk about hard things and touchy subjects - but use empathy and kindness with yourself and others - this can actually be very magnetizing when you stand in authenticity

share a skin care tip

This post will position yourself as a trusted resource for skin care and helpful knowledge.

Make a post where you share a seasonal skin care tip. It can be simply -

"As the seasons change, you may want to consider switching to a heavier moisturizer than what you'd use in the summer time!"


"As the trees shed their dead leaves, we should shed our dead skin! Exfoliating weekly keeps our skin healthy."

⭐ Post images seasonal items (Leaves, scarves) or products you recommend - just avoid corporate images if possible - studies have shown that they don't attract as much attention as even YOU holding the product in a selfie or it sitting on your bathroom counter, or your feet in fuzzy socks
⭐ If you have the ability to retail this product, don't say so in the main post - only mention it if someone asks! Definitely don't post links - the algorithm burries posts with external links (wait for someone to ask!)


share a soulful story

Share a "soulful story" with your network.

Now I'm not talking about bearing your trauma or talking about when you decided to become baptized IF you don't feel inclined to share - I want you to give a snippet into your connection to Source and the Divine even if it is expressing gratitude about a hot cup of coffee you had in your favorite mug. ☕❤ Or how you get such warm fuzzies when your kids give sleepy snuggles.


We do a soulful share because WE KNOW that our guests are transformed from our services more than what appears on the outside - have you had a client cry because they've never loved their lashes so much and their reflection is healing? Or their facial allowed them to relax deeper than they had in years?

When you share your alignment and sensitivity to the beautiful moments in life, they will be more comfortable coming to you for their own magical transformation.

⭐ add a photo of yourself or something "lifestyle" - a peek into your daily life
⭐ ask a question at the end of your post like "does coffee in your favorite mug make YOU feel some kinda way? What else does?"

Do me a favor and don't think too long on this one. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and share what is on your heart.

Anti-Aging Facial Protocol with LimeLife Skin Care

My darlings!

I have had a lot of input asking for demonstrations and protocols of how I use LimeLife skin care professionally. I FINALLY took time to get a model and record a video. You can check it out HERE! I did get cut-off after applying the eye-serum - OOPS.

Supply list:

Dry goods: Cotton rounds, Mask brush, mask bowls, jade rollers, gua-sha tools, towels

LimeLife Products: Make-Off Remover spray, Midnight Oil Cleanser, Quench Cleanse, Skin Polish, Dew Date, Sotoks, One Drop Wonder, Midnight Oil Serum, Eye Arise, Skin Therapy, Forty-Cure Cream, Perfect Sunscreen

(My shopping link for the LimeLife Products: here - You can get a wholesale discount and partner with LimeLife, too, ask me about it here)

LimeLife Anti-Aging Protocol:

Focusing on bringing hydration, reducing hyperpigmentation, restoring elastin and collagen production in the skin.

Prep & Cleanse: 

Remove Makeup - Make Off Spray & cotton rounds. Pre-cleanse the skin with water and effleurage with Midnight Oil Cleanser. Perform cleansing manipulations with Quench Cleanse. Remove with a hot steam towel. 

Skin Analysis

Determine areas of concern, looking for fine lines, dryness, lack of collagen/elastin or hyperpigmentation. 


Apply Skin Polish in a thin layer and let set for 2 minutes while performing light scalp massage with Dew Date. Use long rhythmic strokes to move mask over skin and roll off the debris with emphasis on the upward strokes until all product is removed (This may take upward of 10 minutes). 

Sweep face with Dew Date to help with mask removal and proceed to remove with hot steam towel. 


Mix 2 pumps Sotoks 2 drops One Drop Wonder in a bowl and use brush to paint on face as a mask that will be massaged in shortly. Sweep neck and shoulders with 4 drops of the midnight oil serum and then a layer of massage oil for a good slip. Perform effleurage on decollete, shoulders and neck for 5 minutes. Moving up to the face, perform effleurage in upward motion to massage in the serums and increase circulation. 


On target areas of concern, press in a drop of Eye Arise serum and massage for 15 seconds each. Using Gua Sha Jade or Rose Quartz tools, or fingers, perform targeted massages as if “erasing” the fine lines and areas of concern - this facilitates product penetration and reinvigorates collagen and elastin production. Use another drop of Midnight Oil Serum on face if there needs to be more slip. 


As a method of heat therapy and to assist in product penetration place hot towel on face and massage the hands or feet for 4 minutes using the Forty-Cure Cream. Gently remove towel from face, not sweeping to removing product. 

Wrap second hot towel in dry towel to create a warm compress and drape across the chest - bring in jade rollers to do a cool therapy facial massage, focusing on lymphatic processes. 


Apply eye serum around eyes. Sweep midnight oil serum across decollete, neck and face. Apply two pumps of Skin Therapist. Apply Perfect Sunscreen.

If you want to learn more from me or get to know me better, connect on facebook and join my group “The Empathetic Esthetician

Not pictured from the supply list: Forty-Cure Cream & Perfect Sunscreen

Not pictured from the supply list: Forty-Cure Cream & Perfect Sunscreen

Stop Shaming your clients into waxing services

I’m so fired up about this topic. It will probably ruffle some feathers.

Stop shaming your clients into receiving waxing services.

Stop using shame as a marketing technique. It is so low-vibe.

Brene Brown says

“Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing we are flawed and therefore unworthy of acceptance and belonging.”

So many memes or waxing advertisements are floating around the internet where people imply that body hair means you are unworthy of a relationship, physical (sexual) contact, or that you are unclean and therefore undesirable.

“Don’t be a wookie, wax your cookie!”

“I love how prickly your legs feel!” - Said no one ever!

“Fact: Body Hair won’t keep you warm - Book your wax today!”

  • This is bullshit.

    I have had clients come in and apologize for their leg hair - before a waxing service - I had to reassure her that she was only responding to a ridiculous society norm and I was not bothered in the least by her hair, I was just honored that she came to me for her service to do whatever she pleased with her hair.

So frequently body hair is seen as a flaw when in fact it is a sign of health and vitality of the body. And don’t even try to play the “unhygienic” card - hair can help protect the skin by wicking away moisture and reducing the growth of bacteria, candida and other skin irritants.

Plus, impossible beauty norms contribute to anxiety, depression and a whole lot of self-loathing, and I for sure will not be perpetuating that nonsense in my advertising.

Let’s not forget, fellow esthis, that in order to be waxed we must have a period of hair growth where sometimes there are sensations of “prickliness” or things that are less than the hairless, feminine ideal. As they wait until their next appointment, they think of you and your words of negativity around body hair - awesome, they just had their heart sink to their stomach because in order to wax they must endure shame.

Yeah I’m not about that life.

And you know brow waxing isn’t free of shaming either - all of this talk about making “brow contact” before eye contact or “I’m not listening I’m just doing your brows in my head” is sharing with your network, your client base, that instead of peering into the windows of their soul or actually listening to things that matter to them, you are instead intricately judging the follicles that grow from their forehead.

I have actually had people walk up to me and shield their eyebrows from my view because they thought I would judge them while talking because of something else another brow artist had shared. It was a sad moment.

I’m not saying that waxing services in and of themselves are bad, especially with a mindset of Empathy, since there are plenty of reasons why someone would want to get waxed!

  • Comfort (I don’t like it when my leg hair tickles me from blowing in the wind)

  • Style (It’s a preference!)

  • Vacation prep and their chosen style

  • You can swim faster (or so they say) with less hair

  • Someone might have an affinity for hairless cats so they want to be hairless, too.

My darlings, talk about the benefits of the service without bringing shame into the picture, please!

I know that I provide and profit from a service in society and industry that makes millions off of people’s insecurities, but I will not play to that energy.

I pray that every one of my clients comes to me because I will help them express their deepest love and happiness for their bodies and themselves in whatever way they see fit - and I am not to judge or to cause shame in order to get them in my door. No thank you.

I shall use messages of visual joy, love and celebration when sharing my services. And I implore you to do the same.


Kick Start your Esthetics Business while still in school!

In my 8 years as a licensed esthetician, I have experienced so many parts of the industry.

  • I was a front desk receptionist

  • I folded laundry and washed masque dishes as a spa attendant

  • I completed a 600 hour program as an esthiology student

  • I was an esthiology educator for nearly 3 years

  • I worked in a salon/spa as an esthetician

  • I have worked countless events and with photographers as a freelance makeup artist

  • I opened my own solo esthetician practice

  • I run an online skin care and makeup business leading a team

  • I wrote an eBook on how to create instagram content using Empathy

  • I mentor other estheticians and beauty professionals

PHEW! Dang. When I write it out like that it really makes me realize how much I have devoted my life to the spa, makeup, and skin care business - and honestly it has been one of the most rewarding and beautiful journeys of my life so far.

Recently I have had an influx of Esthiology students reach out to me for advice on their careers and look for input

One thing I wish I had had while in esthetics school was solid information on how to kick start my own business while I was still in school - instead of simply learning how to be a good employee and perform services. That can only go so far once you’re licensed, and really only if you are a part of a well-established salon with a full clientele and you pop in and get a ton of clients from the get-go.

The reality of our industry is that we often need to build our own reliable client base which can take years, so you might as well start now!

Here are my suggestions on ways that you can kick start your business while you are still a student!

How to start your business while in Esthetics School

  • Build your personal brand - 

    • clean up your social media! Minimize memes, things that are
      shared from other pages and things that don’t fit your big inspired future, Remove photos of partaking in illicit activities, be professional

    • Find your favorite colors & style (what would your dream color scheme be in your spa? Your business cards? Your website? Do it NOW!), 

    • Dream about your best self and show up as them

  • Make a YouTube Channel to talk about your experience - a day in the life at school, what you are learning, etc.

  • Curate an instagram of your work - digital portfolio. 

    • Create a new one or shift your existing one so that you don’t have to start followers from scratch (Personal & Business brand - your instagram can be both as long as you keep things in line with your big vision) 

    • IMPORTANT - Ask permission before posting before/after photos

  • Partner with a makeup or skin care brand and get affiliate or direct selling links (LimeLife by Alcone!) - You don’t need a license to sell these professional products and earn a 20% commission

  • Have friends and family come in for services - ask them to write reviews or refer their people - ask for their emails or phone numbers to keep a basic client list (if your school allows) This will give you a huge head start when you land a job

  • Scope out places you’d like to work, get a “bridge job” in a community that you’d like to work - think about your “Dream Esthetics Job!

  • Join facebook groups about esthetics - There are so many groups that you can niche down according to the brand of skin care you utilize, the state that you’re in, the wax brands you love, marketing mindset, etc. 

    • I have a facebook group called “The Empathetic Esthetician” where we talk about building client relationships and bringing Empathetic Beauty into our practice. 

kid (1).png

Empathetic Beauty Unfolding

Empathetic Beauty isn’t new, and it isn’t “mine.”

I am a witness to it’s unfolding, I am here to celebrate it and breathe life into this movement - my intentions are to highlight the beautiful love and share techniques that will allow it to flourish.

Empathetic Beauty is meeting someone where they are, loving them there, and helping them get to where they want to go - particularly in the beauty industry.

Here are some day-to-day examples of Empathetic Beauty in action:

Empathetic Beauty is a thorough consultation where you know the history of their skin, the products that they use at home, listen to their skin goals and their budget, understand their concerns and their desires - and the professional delivers a beautiful service, exceeding the expectations. Many of us do this already, Brava!

Empathetic Beauty is a makeup trial where the Bride knows that she wants to wear professional makeup but is afraid of looking too unlike herself - so her makeup artist delivers a light and airy look that enhances her natural features without feeling like she needs to impress other makeup artists on instagram with a cut-crease - and both the bridal client is delighted for having her wishes met and the artist is delighted that she delivered exactly what her client wanted, because that is her main goal.

Empathetic Beauty is the hair stylist that still gives waterfall bangs to Leslie, her client of 20 years - because even after Les'lie’s husband died, she can’t bear to change too much else about her life just yet - and her stylist knows that when Leslie looks in the mirror she will find comfort in her reflection, even if the stylist won’t be posting any before or afters on her facebook feed.


The Empathetic Beauty professional is attentive, kind, artistic, and aware of the impact they have in each and every piece of their service. The focus of integrity is on the relationship with the client and not as much on the clout of the professional within the beauty industry, or needing applause from peers.

Do you feel like you are an Empathetic Beauty Professional? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject - I am especially interested in hearing your experiences and the ways in which you live-out Empathetic Beauty in your professional practice.


Finding Your Dream Esthetics Job! Advice from a Solo Esthetician

Did you know EXACTLY what you wanted to do with your esthetician career on the first day of school?

On my first day of esthetics school I had no idea what I wanted to do with this new passion of mine -but I trusted that I would figure it out.

While the other students around the table were sharing their “whys” and their goals - I literally said “I just feel like I’m supposed to be here.”

That leap of faith was one of the best choices I have made in my lifetime - PHEW was it scary. But it has truly opened up my world, and for that I am forever thankful.

Maybe your vision for your career has shifted - or maybe it has stayed the same, but you don’t quite know how to get there - Here is my advice!

Through my years of being a Licensed Esthetics Instructor and mentoring many people, I have come to offer various pieces of advice for those young and old, new and seasoned, on how to find their most favorite esthetics job. The best of the best they could ever imagine.

Feel into your vision.

  1. How do you want to feel walking into work? How do you want your room to look? What kinds of relationships do you want with your clients?

    At the end of the day - we should be spending our energy in spaces that delight us and fill our hearts and souls - envision a profession where you don’t even feel like you are “working!” How does your biggest dream look and feel to you?

Spend time where you think you might want to work.

  1. If you are scoping out a salon or spa, go in and get a service. Even do this “anonymously” - don’t let them know that you are thinking of working there right off the bat if you can - this way you can get the perspective of the establishment as your future clients will see it. Do the employees seem happy? Does the conversation you hear fill you with joy or worry? Are you treated with great customer service? If this establishment isn’t anywhere you would want to get a service, it probably isn’t a place that you would want to work!

  2. Alternatively, if you’re looking to grow a business on your own and build new or use an empty salon/spa space, go visit the neighborhood. Find a coffee shop or a bench close by to the location you’re scouting and sit with a notebook and observe who walks by, if they look like they’d be an ideal client, see how much foot traffic there is, or if people make quick stops. Feel into the vibration - are people stressed and wanting to come and go quickly or do they love to hang out and be social? There is a lot to be said about our own ability to raise the vibration of a space and make it more inviting, but it is helpful to know how much work you have cut out for yourself!

Make a lot of friends without expectations.

  1. They say “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know” - and I couldn’t agree more! Our social network can be an endless supply of support, valuable connections and clients! But the key is to not go into building these relationships with any expectations. You don’t want to walk into a party expecting to book 3 people for a brow wax with you that next week - that is energetically weird. When you meet people, ask about them and what they do - and when you talk about yourself let them know what you do and that you love to do it - that’s all! Next time they are in need of a service that you offer, they will think fondly of your interaction and they will think to come see you!

Get a “bridge job” if you need to.

  1. A “Bridge Job” is one that allows substantial income and minimal brain/emotional effort so that you can reserve creative energy and time into building your dream career without being swallowed up by bills and debt. It is also a huge bonus if this job puts you smack dab in the middle of the community in which you would want to work - like at that local coffee shop - you can get to know the regulars and the people in the community. Who knows what kinds of connections that will allow! Plus, when you are ready to shift to taking clients, you already have phenomenal connections.

Find A way to keep “one foot” in the industry if you need to step out for a while.

  1. Sometimes we just can’t make a spa job work. Maybe we have had to leave the only spa worth working at in the small town because of poor business management by owners. Maybe our spouse got a new job and we had to move across country and it’ll be months before your license is granted reciprocity - or you would have to go back to school for 300 more hours before your license is recognized and you can’t bring in the income right away. Maybe you had twins and can’t justify the cost of childcare for being able to work in a spa 4 days a week.

    Consider finding ways to keep your hands in your skill set- I love to mentor beauty business women in direct sales of world famous professional cosmetics for both skin care and makeup items. You can make an income from home or as a side hustle while you get income or skills elsewhere.

    You could also create a YouTube channel where you educate different skin care techniques or makeup looks - you can keep your hands busy and maybe even have makeup artistry clientele.

  2. Be gentle with yourself! Who knows how long you’ll have to be out, but take heart - so many of us need to take breaks because life happens, but what is beautiful is that it allows us to expand other skills, both “soft” and hard skill sets, and this allows us to be more well-rounded, empathetic people and in the long term, it will serve us in our success.

My dears, I made a YouTube video about this topic! Subscribe for other video mentoring!


I hope this was helpful in giving you some direction toward your dream job as an esthetician!

I am loving all of the connections I have been building - I am creating more mentorship opportunities since there has been such an increase in demand!

Join my esthetician group on facebook for more inspiration and education!

I wasn't going to offer facials.

I wasn't going to offer facials. 😑

And if you know me, if you've had my facials, you KNOW that would have been a travesty.

Being in that space and time creating peace and transformation in the skin and soul - it is a part of my lifeblood. (I enjoy it almost as much as my clients do!)

-- But most facial skin care lines are an enormous, gut-wrenching investment.

I had a lump in my throat when I looked at the start up costs for bringing in a well-known skin care line - they wanted me to invest a few thousand just for what would sit on my shelves to sell, let alone what I'd be using in the treatment room.

I had already taken such big risks and leaps leaving my hourly job, I knew independence was what I wanted - so I figured I'd start with waxing and makeup services and trust that the answers would come.

Then it was like a little corner of my internet world tapped me on the shoulder

I BARELY knew anything about this company - I just saw they had crisp, classy marketing and the girls I saw looked like they were having fun - so I decided $169 to get my hands on the kit would be less risky than the theoretical thousands.

The cleanser was so aromatic and balancing, the mask had such a lovely texture, the face oil was heavenly, the moisturizer simple and supple - I thought OH MY GOSH I CAN WORK WITH THIS 🙌

With a direct sales company, I don't need to stock my shelves or apply for sales tax licenses- my partnership allows me to have HQ do all the hard work. My guests get to experience the beautiful products in a service and I help them place their order - and in a few days their custom routine arrives at their home and I get paid a generous commission.

Alternatively, the corporate policies updated in September of 2019 and I may now carry up to $500 worth of retail products on my shelves for “cash and carry” - yet there are no minimum requirements, no recurring orders!


These days I have estheticians all over the country asking me for my facial protocols and looking for mentorship. I make YouTube videos about how much this leap had changed my business and changed my life.

And to think, I wasn't going to offer facials.

If you or someone you know could use a shift toward alignment with BIGGER POTENTIAL, world famous professional cosmetics previously unavailable to the general public or THE BEST way to start a facial skin care business, let's connect.


Practical Steps to becoming a Solo Esthetician

So you’re thinking of becoming a Solo Esthetician

Establishing your own business can be quite the undertaking - but I find that it is so rewarding!

If you’d like to hear me speak about my experiences, I have a few YouTube videos where I talk a lot about my journey and the steps I took to get there.

“How I became a Solo Esthetician And Opened my Own Esthetics Studio”

& “Practical Steps to Opening your own Solo Esthetician Studio”

But darlings here is a written list, because LAWD knows I need to read things and have a list to go off of, or else I will forget EVERYTHING.

And YES there are affiliate links!

Practical steps that I took to start my own Solo Esthetician business!

  • Established and LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)

  • Registered a Tax ID

  • Established financing with a bank

  • Applied for an Establishment License, and scheduled/waited for the inspection

  • Insurance (Business Liability, Professional Liability, General Liability, Renter’s Insurance)

  • Booking Software! (Vagaro!)

  • Accouting Software (Quickbooks!)

  • Job Supplies (Wax, sticks, trash bags, alcohol, EPA Registered disinfectant, oil, gloves, etc)

  • Products to use &/or Retail (LimeLife by Alcone)

  • Furniture (Esthetics table, linen cabinet, trash can, comfy seat, stool, fan, shelves, lamps)

  • Technology (New laptop, camera, bluetooth speakers, ring light, facial machines)

  • Decor (artwork, pillows, rugs, candles)

“Soft” Assets

  • Business Coaching (I offer this!)

  • Business Brand (logo, colors, etc )

  • Email address, website, phone number (I used services to have a separate phone number that allows me to screen calls)

  • Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat)

  • Network (Your connections!)

Handy Skills

  • Decision to make it work!

  • Resilience for when things don’t go according to plan

  • Customer service skills

  • Networking Skills

  • Abundance Mindset

  • Photography Skills

  • Strong social media presence

If you found this helpful and you’d love to hear more from me, I have a mentorship group on Facebook called “The Empathetic Esthetician” and I’d love to have you a part of the community!

I am always excited to hear your questions and learn about what YOU want to learn!

Practical Steps to become a Solo Esthetician.png