Hi I’m Laura!

I help beauty professionals tap into their stories, their vision and values and serve their clients from their hearts. #empatheticbeauty

As an insightful empath, I have always taken time to hash out why I am all up in my feels - what makes me feel good, what doesn’t, and why. #Pisces.

I have a degree in Comparative Cultures And Politics – I like to understand why people think and feel the way they do, and what kinds of implications there are because of it.

We often act on our emotions – and while the Model United Nations was a little too competitive for me – the Universe directed me to the beauty industry where I dove deep into the concepts of facilitating self-care - and as a mother of 3 boys - I need to utilize these tools on a grand scale for myself every day.


Being in a space of service
& creativity is my zen.

As an esthetician, the ability to transform someone’s skin
or melt away their stress in an hour timeframe is truly a privilege.  

I MIGHT enjoy performing facials on my guests more than they enjoy receiving.  I have also developed amazing body waxing techniques intuitively – who knew that trying to minimize pain was so revolutionary?

It made so much sense for me to become a licensed Esthetics instructor, since teaching the skills that I own is so second nature to me. I adored pouring into my students, and then I became a mother of 3 and I realized I needed to make this #momboss thing work.

Since leaving the skin-care classroom:

  • I have authored eBooks and Online Courses sharing my approaches to self-care and social media.

  • I have found a group of freelance makeup artists. I coach application techniques and business marketing strategies.

  • My industry peers say that my direction and insight to their social media management has gained them more followers and positive feedback


Helping the next one in line
makes my heartbeat.

 I know that a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.


When I am not gushing over my favorite products, helping other entrepreneurs authentically connect with their network, or engaging on social media, you can find me cuddled up with my boys, playing Pokemon Go with my husband or enjoying a tea and an enormous salad at my favorite local spots. If I get some time to myself there is sure to be Panic! At The Disco, furious journaling, tarot cards and yoga pants (that I may or may not have worn to an actual yoga class).

I know that when a business and a passion align, it is not only magic, but a true calling unfolds. I help other world-changers connect with their authentic selves, create genuine self-care routines and feel confident as they step into their calling and serve humanity.

I believe that empathetic beauty is alive, well, and the future of our industry.